Mellipou NAUGE CLOUD: Freddy, Light my fire

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The Freddy Cloud is more than just a cuddly toy for babies. If you pull the string of this cloud you might just recognize one of your favorite pieces! Yes yes dear parents, this musical teddy bear will rock your little one on titles like Game of Thrones, Adele, Amélie Poulain, The Doors and even Stevie Wonder! If you were still wondering how to put her baby to sleep you have the answer! Our musical cuddly toys are the must-have for a birth! They will accompany the toddlers during their first years and will delight the parents who will be able to pass on their musical tastes from the cradle on. Because yes at Mellipou, music is at the heart of all our attention! But that's not all: in addition to being original, our musical clouds are also design and will sublimate the decoration of baby's room.

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