Camp Kit 1: Nature & Outdoors, 6+

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In this at home camp kit, you will learn about nature, our planet Earth, and the environment. This kit is designed so that you can do 1 step per day, or more if you wish with a total of 12 steps/projects.

Simply follow along with our special Camp Tildie's guide for the most fun!

You will also receive 4 of our very own Tildie's Crafts & projects to enhance this kit! These are one-of-a-kind crafts where we provide the supplies and you provide scissors, glue, etc. accompanied by instructions and an optional video tutorial. Each craft takes you on your fun learning journey to connect the elements of the kit and provide a complete camping experience!

When you’re all finished the Camp Kit, you can keep playing with all of your great new toys!

Ready for pickup 6/16/20

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